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Organizations Certified to Responsible Wool Standard

Updated July 2018

Dates are shown YYYY-MM-DD

Certification NumberCompany NameCountryCertification BodyCertification DateValid UntilCertified Products
856595Abraham Moon & Sons Ltd.United KingdomControl Union2017-12-132018-12-05RWS Fabric
853528Avington Merino Pty ATF The Avington Merino TrustAustraliaControl Union2018-03-232020-03-12RWS Raw Wool
859213Bangladesh Spinners & Knitters (Pvt.) Ltd.BangladeshControl Union2018-07-132019-08-24Garments - 100% RWS certified wool
855099BKB LTDSouth AfricaControl Union2017-09-222020-07-20Greasy wool
OIA 5412CHARGEURS WOOL (SALES EUROPE) S.R.L.ItalyOIA2017-09-112018-11-11Wool Tops (100% RWS Wool)
OIA 5413CHARGEURS WOOL ARGENTINA S.AArgentinaOIA2017-09-112018-11-11100% RWS Wool
C0396124Charter Ventures Limited (2 facilities)Hong KongNSF International2018-05-232019-05-23Knitted Wool Products
810291Chia Heir Group Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd.TaiwanControl Union2018-02-122019-04-08Fabric made with RWS wool
Yarn made with RWS wool
797001Coonong PaStoral CompanyAustraliaAsure Quality2017-06-192018-06-19RWS wool
856762Designer Textiles International Ltd.New ZealandControl Union2018-05-282019-07-17RWS Fabric
851564Eddie Bauer LLCUnited StatesControl Union2018-05-082019-06-19Accessories - 100% RWS Certified Wool
Garments - 100% RWS certified wool
Home Textiles - 100% RWS wool
858907EP Robinson PTY Ltd.AustraliaControl Union2018-04-202019-06-03RWS Carbonised Wool
RWS Scoured Wool
844593Esprit Europe Services GmbHGermanyControl Union2017-03-272018-05-10Garments - 100% RWS certified wool
OIA 5415ESTABLEC. TEXTILES ITUZAINGO S.A.C.F.I.ArgentinaOIA2017-09-152018-11-15Wool Tops (100% RWS Wool)
Scoured Wool (100% RWS Wool)
Greasy Wool (100% RWS Wool)
Blousse (100% RWS Wool)
854681Evertex Fabrinology LimitedTaiwanControl Union2017-12-042018-11-21RWS Fabric
859147FERRISTEX Pty Ltd - Trading as ABMT TextilesAustraliaControl Union2018-05-142019-06-23RWS Fabric
853776Fox & Lillie Pty Ltd.AustraliaControl Union2018-05-032019-05-16RWS Carbonised Wool
RWS Greasy wool
RWS Scoured Wool
RWS Wool Tops
815571Fujian Wanjiamei Textile Clothing Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2017-12-262019-02-03Knitted Sweater - 100% RWS wool
Knitted Sweater - 17% RWS wool + 45% Mohair + 35%Recycle polyester + 3%Spandex
Knitted Sweater - 32%Wool(RWS 19.5mic)+32%Superfine Alpaca +30%Recycle Polyester+ 6%spandex
797010GlendemarAustraliaAsureQuality2017-12-062018-12-06RWS Greasy Wool
C0336923Global Merino (8 facilities total)USANSF International2018-02-162019-02-16RWS Wool
SCS-RWS-04660Gostwyck PartnersAustraliaSCS2017-09-252020-09-24Greasy Wool (100% RWS Wool)
797008Haldon StationNew ZealandAsure Quality2017-09-012018-09-01RWS wool
C0363601Honrich Knitwear Factory Limited (2 facilities)Hong KongNSF International2018-03-232019-03-23RWS Wool
C0363007_I.S.T. Corporation / Nikko Textile DivisionJapanNSF International2017-12-132018-12-13RWS Wool
C0321972Imperial Stock RanchUSANSF International2017-01-162020-01-16RWS Wool
810757Indorama Holding Ltd.ThailandControl Union2017-05-252018-05-24Wool Tops - 100% RWS Certified Wool
Yarn - 100% RWS Certified Wool
832577Jiangsu Lugang Science & Technology Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-01-192019-01-20Yarn - 100% RWS Certified Wool
816327Jiangsu Xinfang Science & Technology Group Co.,Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-06-232019-07-20Dyed Woven Fabric - 100% RWS certified wool
Yarns - 100% RWS certified Wool
847617Jiangyin Zhenxin Woollen Textile Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-05-302019-08-20Top dyed woven fabric - 100% RWS Wool
top dyed yarn - 100% RWS wool
854256Lanas Trinidad S.A.UruguayControl Union2017-10-092020-08-17RWS Greasy wool
RWS Wool Noils
RWS Wool Tops
OIA 5416LEMPRIERE S.A.ArgentinaOIA2017-09-202018-11-20Wool Tops (100% RWS Wool)
Scoured Wool (100% RWS Wool)
Greasy Wool (100% RWS Wool)
Blousse (100% RWS Wool)
857025Lempriere South Africa CCSouth AfricaControl Union2018-02-162019-04-05RWS Greasy wool
851800Lempriere Wool EOODBulgariaControl Union2018-05-052018-08-05Wool Tops - 100% RWS Certified Wool
857232LR and RJ Young - LewishamAustraliaControl Union2018-02-012021-04-04RWS Greasy wool
847882Marubeni Hong Kong & South China Limited.Hong KongControl Union2017-11-012018-10-09RWS Greasy wool
RWS Wool Noils
RWS Wool Tops
RWS Wool Yarn
854232Mengdi Group Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2017-09-202018-10-08Garments - 100% RWS certified wool
C0321966Nester Hosiery, Inc.USANSF International2018-06-082019-08-08
1851Ovis 21 SAArgentinaLETIS2018-02-142021-02-14Lana RWS
797002Palliser Ridge LtdNew ZealandAsure Quality2017-07-102018-07-10RWS wool
C0357481PGG Wrightson Limited (1 warehouse and 2 farms)New ZealandNSF International2017-09-212018-09-21RWS Wool
859897Seatech Industrial Pty LtdAustraliaControl Union2018-06-272019-03-11Greasy wool
C0349869Shanghai Challenge Textile Co., Ltd.ChinaNSF International2017-10-062018-10-06RWS Wool
845528Shanghai Dragon CorporationChinaControl Union2017-12-132019-01-21Garments - 100% RWS certified wool
810300Shanghai JingQingrong Garment Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-02-272019-03-14Garments - 100% RWS certified wool
857224Sôdwolle GmbH & Co. KGGermanyControl Union2018-01-172019-02-04Yarn - 100% RWS wool
Yarn - 70% RWS Wool + 30% Silk
Yarn - 72% RWS Wool + 28% Silk
RWS 2018-001Suedwolle Group Italia SpAItalyICEA2018-03-192019-03-19Yarns 100% WV
815347Suzhou Wanli Knitting Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2017-12-132019-01-16knitted cardigan - 100% RWS certified wool
809415Tchibo GmbHGermanyControl Union2017-09-182018-09-17Accessories
Home textiles
797007THE NEW ZEALAND MERINO COMPANY LTDNew ZealandAsure Quality2017-06-232018-06-23RWS wool
853647Tianyu Wool Industry (Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone) Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2017-09-042018-09-03Wool noils made with 100% RWS certified wool
Wool Tops - 100% RWS Certified Wool
848895Tonglu Fortune Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-02-272019-03-23Accessories - 100% RWS Certified Wool
856984Top Line (Ningbo) Textile Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-02-272019-03-29Yarn - 100% RWS Certified Wool
C0354794UAB "Omniteksas"LithuaniaNSF International2018-02-012019-02-01RWS Wool
843201VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co KGGermanyControl Union2018-03-142019-01-22Garments
859867W and C von Bibra - BeaufrontAustraliaControl Union2018-02-042021-05-11Greasy wool
854612Zhangjiagang Ao Yuan Wool Top Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2017-08-292018-08-28RWS Wool Tops
813884Zhangjiagang Aoyang Wool Fabric Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-01-192019-02-14Dyed woven fabric - 30% RWS Certified Wool + 70% Polyester
Dyed woven fabric - 50% RWS Certified Wool + 50% Polyester
858489Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Open Tops Textile Corp. Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-05-142019-06-22Wool Tops - 100% RWS Certified Wool
849837Zhangjiagang Jinmeng Textile Dyeing Co.,LtdChinaControl Union2018-03-022019-03-01Wool Tops - 100% RWS Certified Wool
853472Zhangjiagang Yangtse Spinning Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-06-192019-06-08Yarns - 100% RWS certified Wool
810661Zhangjiagang Yangtse Wool Combing Co., Ltd.ChinaControl Union2018-04-252019-03-15Wool Tops - 100% RWS Certified Wool
849232Zhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc.ChinaControl Union2018-07-262019-07-24Dyed combed yarn - 100% RWS wool
Raw White combed yarn - 100% RWS wool