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RWS International Working Group

Governance Groups

Following the launch of the Responsible Wool Standard, the International Working Group that developed the standard has been relaunched as an ongoing Governance Group to provide oversight and advice during the implementation of the standard.

The RWS Governance Groups consist of the following:

This group will collect information and manage data during the implementation of the standard, facilitate the other governance groups, and be responsible for any research and writing.

The Technical Guidance Committees will support the evaluation of the impact of certification and be responsible for providing oversight, strategic direction and advice during the implementation of the standard.

There will be two small representative groups focusing on Animal Welfare and Land Health respectively.

Certification Bodies working with the RWS provide regular reports to Textile Exchange. In addition to these reports, Certification Bodies are expected to participate in a specified number of calls per year (individual and/or group) to discuss the effectiveness of the standard and identify opportunities for improvements.

This group will advise on specific issues of knowledge related to their position in the industry or area of expertise. The Advisory Group will be provided with regular updates on the progress of the standard.  Calls will be held approximately three times per year. Individual members of the Advisory Group may be called on for comment and direction related to their area of expertise in addition to these calls.

Updates and information will be posted on Stakeholders are invited to join any IWG update calls.

Development Documents

Meeting Notes

RWS Update Meeting – July 5, 2018

RWS Roundtable Meeting – February 7, 2018

Stakeholder Meeting – November 20, 2017

IWG Update Meeting – June 2017