Responsible Wool Standard at the Savory Institute  VIP Event


On October 28th, Anne Gillespie spoke on the wool panel at Savory Institute’s dynamic annual conference in Boulder, Colorado. The Savory Institute is known for its work on Holistic Management, which has  a lot to offer sheep farming and the world. Not only does it support more successful farming, but it has direct impacts on water use, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and global warming. The RWS Land Management modules set farmers up to take the first steps towards holistic management, and there is great opportunity to take them further.  Textile Exchange will be working with the Savory Institute to look for ways to offer support to farmers at a regional level, and to look at how to further develop the standard to address farmer welfare and climate change.

If you are looking for an understanding of the impacts of land management on our world, a chance to laugh and to cry, and deep personal inspiration, we strongly urge you to watch the on-line version of the event this Friday, November 4th.

While many issues are important they pale into insignificance compared with global desertification, climate change and the fate of cities – all dependent on the fate of soil. Soil currently being destroyed by agriculture and livestock production policies at twenty times the rate of food required each year. Developing truly regenerative agriculture is not simply one of many options – it is the only option if civilization is to solve this biological problem.” ~ Allan Savory

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