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RWS Certified Wool Supply

This table shows the current supply of RWS certified products* with the listed suppliers. As certified wool enters the supply chain, we will update this table.

*wool fibers are measured in microns, we have micron values of 17-21.5 listed

SupplierRWS Product1717.51818.51919.52020.52121.5
Lugang WoolYarnPlease ContactMay
Please ContactPlease ContactPlease ContactMay
Please ContactPlease ContactPlease ContactPlease Contact
BKBGreasy WoolNovember 2017November 2017July
Available NowSeptember 2017October 2017September 2017September 2017September 2017September 2017
To get in contact with the supplier regarding their products, click the supplier name.

If you are a supplier, and would like to provide information about your products, please email responsiblewool@textileexchange.org.

RWS Suppliers

The suppliers listed on this page are committed to working with the Responsible Wool Standard and are working to build the supply of RWS certified wool. Contact them directly for further information on their availability of RWS wool.

Company Name: Chargeurs Wool

Company Description: Chargeurs Wool is a global manufacturing group with a leading position in combed wool. We have a worldwide organization with 4 combing mills (Argentina, China, Uruguay and the United States) and 5 marketing and distribution subsidiaries (Italy, Uruguay, New Zealand, Argentinas and the United States). Chargeurs Wool’s network covers the main wool market around the world and offers brands complete control of their wool sourcing. Chargeurs Holding is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

Countries of operation: Argentina, China, Uruguay, USA

Contact e-mail: albertorossi@chargeurs-wool.com

Web link: www.woolsupplychain.com

RWS Activity: We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.

Capabilities: Top making: 100% wool

Company Name: Wools of New Zealand

Company Description: Wools of New Zealand is owned by the people who grow our wool, farming families who are committed to sustainable farming practices and caring for the land so that it may be passed to future generations. Every farm is audited by AsureQuality, a New Zealand government owned Conformity Assessment Body, for: Land Management, Animal Welfare, Social Responsibility and Transparency.

We connect consumers with the people who grow superior wool, doing so ensuring excellence in all aspects of sustainability.  We are the only New Zealand strong wool growers accredited by the EU Ecolabel to provide both greasy and scoured wool.

Wools of New Zealand works to understand the needs of our customers so that our growers can prepare the ideal wool fit for the intended value chain and deliver the optimum performance throughout it’s life. Through our supply database we are able to identify which of our growers can best deliver wool to meet the requirements of individual products. By connecting our growers with supply partners we are able to communicate future market requirements to ensure our growers adapt on-farm methods to deliver the ultimate wool.

Products that carry our wool can be recognised by our brands, “Wools of New Zealand” and “Laneve”.

Countries of operation: Offices and representatives in NZ, UK, USA and China. We export globally.

Contact e-mail: info@woolsnz.com

Web link: www.woolsnz.com

RWS Activity: We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.

Capabilities: Grower groups: We specialise in strong New Zealand wool, 28 micron to 38 micron; other fibres are available upon request.

Company Name: Lanas Trinidad S.A

Company Description: Lanas Trinidad is the main wool tops producer / exporter in Uruguay. We comb wool tops in the range of 18 to 30 mic, in bumps or bobbins, loading containers of 25 tons of tops. We define ourselves as a green company, by taking care every single aspect as from the farm to the shipping port.

Countries of operation: Germany, Italy, UK, Turkey, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China, Korea, Middle East and the Americas

Contact e-mail: potegui@chargeurs-wool.com

Web link: www.lanastrinidad.com

RWS Activity: We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.

Capabilities: Top making. 100% wool 18-30 mic. Wool broker and grower groups. 100% wool 18-30 mic

Company Name: New Merino

Company Description: New Merino is an independent organization providing:

  • Facilitation of supply
  • Verification of non-measured attributes (animal welfare, land management)
  • Full traceback to supplying farms

Countries of operation: Australia

Contact e-mail: Peter.vandeleur@newmerino.com.au

Web link: www.newmerino.com.au

RWS Activity: “We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.”

Capabilities: Wool broker and grower groups, independent supply chain facilitation.

Company Name: Imperial Stock Ranch

Company Description: The Imperial Stock Ranch is located in the high desert of north central Oregon, and has been raising sheep and cattle, and producing grains and hay for more than 146 years. Established in 1871 as a 160 acre homestead claim, it became Oregon’s largest individually owned land and livestock holding by 1900, running tens of thousands of sheep. Today the ranch headquarters are a National Historic District, the only operating ranch in Oregon with that designation. The Imperial Stock Ranch is family owned and operated, and they believe their most important work is managing the interconnected relationships of land and grazing animals. In 1999, they successfully transitioned from selling wool as a commodity to selling American made wool yarns, fabrics and finished goods, forming strong relationships across the U.S. supply chain in the process. Today they are leaders in the development of a certified wool supply in the U.S. and have the experience to help connect that supply to downstream supply chain partners and support brands in their mission to source responsibly. They know by experience, that together we are stronger.

Countries of operation: USA

Contact e-mail: Jeanne@imperialstockranch.com

Web link: www.imperialstockranch.com

RWS Activity: “We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.”


  • Wool broker or grower groups: working on scaling a U.S. certified group.
  • Final product manufacturing: We work with all parts of the supply chain, whether in knits, wovens, circular and sliver knits, manufacture of apparel and home textiles.
  • Fabric production / Spinning / Topmaking: Can introduce supply chain partners for all stages.

Company Name: Fox and Lillie

Company Description: Fox and Lillie is an Australian family owned wool company that was established in 1948 and has since become one of the major players in the global wool industry; buying, exporting and processing wool all over the world. We specialize in wool processing, producing Wool tops, Open tops, Carbonised and Scoured wool. The company is unique because it combines an export division with an Australian wool grower services division, giving Fox and Lillie a strong vertical connection from the global market right through to the grower. Exporting globally, and trading with all major wool consuming areas, Fox and Lillie has long been one of the largest and highly regarded wool suppliers to users of all types of wool across the globe. Fox and Lillie offer a turnkey solution for brands and users who are looking for more than just a commodity supplier. With specialty batches and traceability being an integral part of what Fox and Lillie have to offer, consumers remain connected back to the wool grower.

Countries of operation: Fox and Lillie has an international network of representatives servicing their client’s needs in virtually every wool consuming market in the world, including Europe, United Kingdom, India, China and the U.S.A.

Contact e-mail: bellapg@flrural.com.autrading@foxandlillie.com.au

Web link: http://www.flrural.com.au/

RWS Activity: “We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.”


  • Top making: Raw wool and semi-processed types of wool including wool tops, scoured wool and carbonized wool.
  • Wool broker or grower groups

Company Name: Global Merino

Company Description: Global Merino is a technical textile manufacturer who uses Merino wool as a key component in fabrics engineered for performance activities. We manufacture a wide range of products from lightweight knits to heavy wovens. Our fabrics are engineered to help the athlete optimize performance by enhancing Merino wool’s natural properties through creative constructions, blends, and finishes.

Countries of operation:

Contact e-mail: Jose@globalmerino.com

Web link: https://www.globalmerino.com/

RWS Activity: “We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.”


  • Fabric production: knitting and weaving
  • We can facilitate the certification of: spinning, top making, wool brokers and wool grower groups.

Company Name: BKB

Company Description: BKB is a broker company operating in Southern Africa.  We source wool from a wide range of customers from Small subsistence producers to large commercial producers.  Ou r warehouse and HQ is situated in Port Elizabeth.  Apart from our wool and mohair business we supply a comprehensive service to our producers in terms of livestock trading, credit provision.

Countries of operation:  South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia

Contact e-mail: Isak.staats@bkb.co.za

Web link: bkb.co.za

RWS Activity: “We are committed to the RWS and are working to ensure we can supply certified fiber.”


  • Wool Broker and Grower Groups. All fiber types.