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Kick Start Program

You’re invited to join the RWS Kick Start program, where companies can demonstrate their leadership and commitment to sustainability by helping to fast-forward the adoption of the Responsible Wool Standard.

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By using the Kick Start program to get more certified wool into the supply chain quickly, we can achieve a number of important things:

Program Details

Take a look at what you are required to contribute and how you will benefit from becoming a “Kick Starter.” The best part is that your contributions will not only make you a leader in sustainability, it will benefit the entire supply chain from farmer to consumer!

Kick Starter Contributions:

1.) Make a public commitment to the RWS

  • Set a 5-year public target to convert a percentage or all of your wool supply to RWS-certified

2.) Send the demand signal down your supply chain

  • Put in an order for RWS-certified wool and work with your partners to determine realistic pricing and timelines

3.) Contribute to a Farmer Support fund

  • Make a one-time financial contribution, to be used to support farmers in achieving initial certification
  • The contribution can come from a separate budget, without impacting your product costs

4.) Speak out about the RWS at industry events

  • As opportunities arise, help us present on the RWS; TE will supply presentations, talking points and additional materials
  • Let us know of TE of speaking opportunities

Kick Starter Benefits:

1.) Recognition as an industry leader in driving positive change:

  • TE will put out a media release about the RWS Kick Starters
  • Kick Starters will be profiled on the site
  • Kick Starters will be recognized in the TE newsletter

2.) Priority access to support from Textile Exchange

  • TE will work closely with you to help get the RWS wool into your supply chain and facilitate the initial orders

3.) A highly valued ‘RWS Kick Starter Certificate’ that you can frame and put on your wall!

Sign Up

Ready to demonstrate your leadership and commitment to sustainability? Great! Sign up as soon as possible to get started. The success of the RWS depends on your engagement.

To learn more and work out the details of your participation, contact us by clicking the button below or by emailing us at

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