Responsible Wool Standard Two-Part Series at Textile Sustainability Conference

Textile Exchange will be hosting its 2017 Textile Sustainability Conference near Washington, D.C. during the week of October 9-13. We are celebrating our 15th anniversary and our evolution from a small nonprofit to a respected global presence that inspires and equips people to accelerate sustainable business practices in the textile value network. Textile Exchange’s annual conferences offer participants a chance to learn about and engage in the latest research, trends, innovations, and solutions to challenges faced by the apparel and textile industry. Last year, over 425 people representing 258 companies from 39 countries attended, and we expect this year’s event to be even stronger.

Within the conference we will have a two-part series focusing on wool. This is an important opportunity for you to meet other stakeholders working with or interested in the Responsible Wool Standard, and a chance to share your perspective on how the RWS should move forward.

Responsible Wool Standard – Part 1: Discussion Forum
Date: Thursday, October 10
Time: 2:30-3:30pm EST
Location: William F. Bolger Center – Franklin Hall Room 1

During this forum, representatives from the RWS stakeholder group will share their experiences, insights and ideas. The goal of the forum is to understand the key issues that need to be addressed in order to grow the adoption of the standard and its impact. If you work with wool, we recommend that you attend in order to contribute to defining the key topics of the breakout session on Wednesday, October 11thResponsible Wool Standard Part 2: Working Session.

Responsible Wool Standard – Part 2: Working Session
Date: Thursday, October 11
Time: 11:15am-12:45pm EST
Location: William F. Bolger Center – Franklin Hall Room 1

The Responsible Wool Standard has been in action for over a year and is being applied in countries all around the world. This working session will offer expert insights into present challenges and future opportunities with the standard as well as an opportunity to talk about strategies around building supply and demand, how to create greater price stability, and where to go next with land management. Join us for this informative and interactive session. Attending Tuesday’s Responsible Wool Standard Part 1: Discussion Forum is not required, but recommended.

Note: In order to attend either of these sessions, you must register for the 2017 Textile Sustainability Conference.

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