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Revision of the Responsible Wool Standard and the development of the Responsible Mohair Standard

Responsible Wool Standard

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) is now being revised. In response to a need from the industry for a mechanism for verifying how mohair is produced a Responsible Mohair Standard is being developed based on the RWS. A draft standard has been produced and is currently being piloted on farms. The development of this standard will be done alongside of the revision of the RWS in order to keep the two standards closely aligned.

Public Stakeholder Feedback Period Complete

The RWS and RMS public stakeholder feedback period is now over. The final drafts are expected to launch in 2020.

 The Revision Process

This is a multi-stakeholder process that follows the open and transparent principles, as defined by ISEAL’s Codes of Practice. You can read more in the Textile Exchange Standard Setting Procedures 2.1.


International Working Group

To register an interest in participation in the International Working Group please contact . IWG Members include any interested party, and Voting Rights are granted to those that sign our Charter.


You may also elect to receive updates on the progress of the development or revision. To be added to our stakeholder list and receive updates, send an email to


Public Stakeholder Feedback on the Responsible Wool Standard and Responsible Mohair Standard will begin November 6th and go through January 8th.

Decision Making

During the Development or Revision of a Standard, all decisions are made by consensus among the Voting Members of the International Working Group. You can read more in the Textile Exchange Standard Setting Procedures 2.1.


IWG Meetings

RWS/RMS IWG Call Schedule (subject to change):

Calls are scheduled at 8 AM Central, 9 AM Eastern, 2 PM UK, 3 PM CEST (may be affected by seasonal time change)

        1. July 16
        2. July 30
        3. August 13
        4. September 10
        5. September 17
        6. September 24
        7. September 25th – New Zealand/Australia Update (8am BTC)
        8. October 1
        9. October 29th
        10. January 9th
        11. February 6th
        12. February 13th
        13. March 5th – REGISTER HERE

      Meeting Materials:


      RWS/RMS IWG Call #1   July 16, 2019 Intro, Terms of         Reference Notes Presentation Slides


       RWS/RMS IWG Call #2  July 30, 2019 Certification Procedures, Topics Notes  Presentation Slides


       RWS/RMS IWG Call #3  August 13, 2019 Nutrition, Living Environment Notes  Presentation Slides


      RWS/RMS IWG Call #4  September 10, 2019 Chemical Management, Social Notes  Presentation Slides


      RWS/RMS IWG Call #5  September 17, 2019  Animal Management Notes & Issues Papers: Age at First Lambing, Ear Notching, Euthanasia & Slaughter, Inspection Frequency, Laparoscopic AI, Pain Relief  Presentation Slides


      RWS/RMS IWG Call #7  September 24, 2019 Handling & Transport, Optional Slaughter Module, The Hub Intro Notes & Hub Intro  Presentation Slides


      RWS/RMS IWG Call #8  October 1, 2019  Land Management Notes  

      Presentation Slides


      RWS/RMS IWG Call #9  October 29, 2019  Final Draft Review Notes  

      Presentation Slides


    1. RWS/RMS IWG Call #10  January 9th, 2019  Public Feedback Review Notes Presentation Slides
    2. RWS/RMS IWG Call #11  February 6th, 2019  Herding Module and Voting Process Notes Presentation Slides
    3. RWS/RMS IWG Call #12  February 13th, 2019  Final Feedback and Transition Policy Notes Presentation Slides